Chapter House

  • Location: Old Street, London
  • Client: Parogon Interiors
  • Duration: 13 weeks
  • Cost: £30,000
  • Sector: Commercial
Chapter House
Chapter House
Chapter House

Our Challenge

S&G were employed by Parogon Interiors to provide a detailed survey of the existing CAT A primary and secondary air systems and provide detailed solutions for installing bespoke ductwork to a new partition office layout.

Whilst on site the client also asked us to provide a water and waste supply for a tea point area that was in a very awkward position on the floor plate to get these services to, along with a BMS compatible leak detection system.

We provided detailed mark-up drawings for the landlords and then the clients approval before costing and instructing.  

Our Solution

Following on from our surveys, we adapted duct work legs to provide fresh air to new meeting rooms and installed two new FCU plenums with individual secondary air legs to provide heating/cooling.

We installed a new boosted cold water and pumped waste supply, following routes that wouldn’t compromise the open plan ceiling look, from the tea point area on lower ground to the landlord’s riser on the upper ground floor.

We also installed a leak detection zone around the wet areas of the tea point that has the benefit of a BMS fault out if required.

To allow individual meeting room heating/cooling control we installed MEUK wall controllers.

Our scope of works included the following:

  • Detailed survey of Primary & Fresh Air Systems
  • Provide marked up drawings suggesting routes and solutions for services
  • Install new bespoke duct work legs and Waterloo grilles
  • Install 2no FCU plenums and secondary air legs, all insulated
  • Install new boosted cold-water supply to tea point
  • Install new sump and pumped waste system to tea point
  • Install kitchen sink and valve arrangement for dish washers & coffee machine
  • Install leak detection system including solenoid valve
  • Install MEUK wall controllers to new meeting rooms
  • Chlorinate CWS
  • Commission and demonstrate new Primary & Secondary air supplies