Gloworks Bristol

  • Location: Bristol
  • Client: Imium
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Cost: £65,000
  • Sector: Commercial
Gloworks Bristol
Gloworks Bristol
Gloworks Bristol
Gloworks Bristol
Gloworks Bristol
Gloworks Bristol

Our Challenge

S&G Air Conditioning Contracts Ltd were employed by Gloworks to carry out the installation of new air conditioning and ventilation systems to office space and editing rooms at part 2nd floor level of this stunning period building in Bristol.

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Our Solution

Prior to commencement of any works, we completed a validation survey to establish the existing provision of mechanical supply and extract ventilation from the landlord.

A new Mitsubishi Electric, heat recovery, VRF system was installed to serve the multiple working spaces throughout the demise. The system consists of a mixture of fan coil unit types including cassettes & wall mounted which provided independent cooling and heating to each room.

Additionally, a standalone Mitsubishi Electric cooling system was provided to the comms room.

A supply and extract mechanical ventilation ductwork system was installed to serve all areas where no opening windows were present. The incoming landlord’s ventilation provision was extended and adapted to suit.

Special consideration was given to an audio recording room and sound omission from plant and grilles was reduced to suitable levels.

A central controller was installed to control all VRF indoor units from a single location.

All the air conditioning and ventilation systems were commissioned and balanced.

Our scope of works included the following:

  • Validation of the existing mechanical ventilation provision
  • Installation of a new AC VRF system to part 2nd floor level
  • Installation of a new dedicated AC system to comms room
  • Installation of a new supply and extract ventilation ductwork system to part 2nd floor level
  • Attenuation to plant within areas where sound levels were critical
  • Strip and rebuild of VRF condensing unit for transportation to roof level
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Client Demonstration
  • Provision of O&M Manual