Project Swordfish

  • Location: Mayfair
  • Client: Build Generation
  • Duration: 28 weeks
  • Cost: £270,000
  • Sector: Commercial
Project Swordfish
Project Swordfish
Project Swordfish
Project Swordfish
Project Swordfish
Project Swordfish

Our Challenge

Build Generation enlisted the services of S&G Air Conditioning Contracts Ltd to conduct an in-depth survey and validation of the current mechanical and HVAC services situated on the 5th Floor of Berkeley Square House in London. The objective was to offer viable options for implementing mechanical ventilation and air conditioning in the newly planned offices and tea-point areas.

In addition to delivering comprehensive reports on the existing mechanical installation, our assessment also covered an examination of the current chilled water (CHW) and low-temperature hot water (LTHW) systems, as well as the ventilation plant.

We subsequently provided our client with detailed findings based on our evaluation.

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Our Solution

After conducting our survey, we implemented changes to the current mechanical ventilation system. We installed new ducted fan coil units, along with associated chilled water (CHW) and low-temperature hot water (LTHW) pipework and Building Management System (BMS) controls to accommodate the redesigned office layout.

Additionally, we provided and set up a new N+1 Toshiba split systems specifically for the newly established comms room.

The installation included hot and cold-water services, along with above-ground drainage pipework. Electric water heaters were employed for hot water generation, serving all facilities within the office area.

Furthermore, we implemented water leak detection systems equipped with solenoid valves to safeguard against water leaks. In the event of a detected leak, the solenoid valves are designed to promptly halt the water flow, enhancing overall protection.

To ensure optimal performance, all air conditioning, ventilation, and domestic services systems underwent thorough flushing, commissioning, and balancing upon completion.

Our scope of works included the following:

  • Validation of existing Mechanical Services and HVAC
  • Supply and Install new CHW FCUs
  • Modifications of existing Secondary and Primary Air Ductwork
  • Installation of new Secondary and Primary Air Ductwork including new Air Grilles
  • Supply and Install of a new Toshiba Comms Room N+1 systems.
  • Plumbing and waste supplies to new tea point and WC.
  • BMS Modifications
  • CHW & LTHW Dosing and Flushing
  • All thermal insulation.
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Client Demonstration
  • Provision of O&M Manual