WRU Training Centre

  • Location: Vale of Glamorgan
  • Client: Paramount Office Interiors
  • Duration: 3 Weeks
  • Cost: £25,000
  • Sector: Leisure / Specialist Installations
WRU Training Centre WRU Training Centre WRU Training Centre

Our Challenge

S & G Air Conditioning Contracts Ltd were employed to design and install a dehumidification system that drastically reduces the moisture level inside a sealed waiting area, directly outside of the Cryo Chamber.

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Our Solution

The aim of this is to minimize moisture ingress to the Cryo Chamber whilst in use.

The scope of the work was focused on the Cryo Chamber waiting area.

Scope of Works

  • Design responsibility
  • Installation of new AC system to counter the heat emitted during the dehumidification process
  • Modifications and installation of ventilation.